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"But that's not the reason they stay."They stay, he says, because of the people they socialize with.

"We attract a special kind of person because we have such a heavy emphasis on role play," he says.

Sociolotron emphasizes game play and interactive story rather than ILM-worthy graphics, and actively discourages chatting about your life outside the game. It emphasizes multimedia, beautiful graphics and emergent relationships. Yet both platforms exist because the creators wanted to play in a particular type of environment and couldn't find it, so they built it.

Both worlds take every precaution possible, short of home visits, to ensure an adults-only population.

And both creators admit that once the community starts to form, it takes over the product.

"The first thing that brings people (to Sociolotron) is the sex," says Patric.

Once you open the platform to the public, it becomes theirs, and the community that forms will determine the fate of your investment.

The two titles offer radically different experiences.You can select any kind of chat rooms, Chatroulette and Omegle Alternatives on here.There are also chat sites of countries on the page.But it seems to me that bringing sex out of chat rooms and into animated platforms is also lifting some of the shame and secrecy that has historically shrouded cybersex.For outsiders, the thought of "sex by typing" makes little sense.

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