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Vera later tells Marie that she will not let her destroy Will.Vera later is seen taking Liz to strip search when she asks Sean and the other officers for their IDs, when Vera goes into the room, she is taken hostage and an officer is knocked out, during the struggle to keep Liz quiet, Vera manages to press the panic button and all hell breaks loose.

Vera informs Rita that she cannot see Ruby as Will has denied the request, and when Rita goes to jump the fence, she gets caught in it and Vera radioes for help telling Rita not to move.In episode 5, however, she appears to be jealous while Linda Miles is talking with Fletch about a trivia night at the local pub.Vera struggles to maintain her friendship with Officer Linda Miles during season 2 after Linda is suspended and Fletch is sent home and the two are seen having drinks together, Vera scolds Linda for failing to do her job properly when a pregnancy test is found on the grounds, but the two manage to make up on somewhat friendlier terms during later seasons.She also has a strained relationship with her mother.As shown in Series 1 Episode 6, she lives with her mother and is emotionally abused by her.

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