When did remus and tonks start dating

Severus Snape started Hogwarts in 1971 where he was sorted into Slytherin house.

His best friend, and the woman he loved Lily Evans, was sorted into Gryffindor house.

He found out when Harry, who had overheard that Wormtail had died, saw his name on the Marauders map.

Harry then went to look for Wormtail, and in doing so, he was caught by Snape as Harry was out of the Gryffindor common room after hours.

Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin's relationship in the Order Of the Phoenix. Sirius and Remus argue, Ginny, Hermione and Tonks have a interesting slepover. NVT/RJLHarry walked into Grimmauld Place, Lupin and Tonks were carrying his trunk, eyeing each other nervously. " Hermione said, happy that she could trick Tonks for once."Remus! " Hermione said in between laughs."What's wrong with that?

Harry went upstairs, Tonks and Lupin walked into the kitchen quietly shutting the door. " Tonks said, threatingly."It's just that, well, you're so, energetic-" Hermione started."but lazy" Ginny interrupted, "And he's so, Hermione like""What's that supposed to mean? Hermione rolled her eyes."I'd have to say I'm with Tonks..." Ginny said settling into the overstuffed chair."Me too." Hermione said pulling a sleeping bag over herself.

But today was different, mad eye's usual lecture didn't attract his attention as much, as something else did. Suddenly Remus noticed that everyone was packing up their belongings and walking out the door. Hermione walked in the room, with a rather large, boring looking book in her hand. " She said walking out and dragging a bag behind her, slightly stumbling up the stairs. " Ginny asked once Tonks was back."I don't know" Tonks said shrugging, "What about you, Hermione? " Hermione said, rubbing her ear."You weren't listening. " Hermione asked Ginny."I don't know, but when Remus was reading a book, that Tonks didn't think he should be reading, she threw it in the fire." Ginny said."Oh God! " Hermione asked, sounding a bit worried."Werewolves: and their danger to society" Ginny replied. Hermione shot her a glare that didn't have an effect on Tonks. " Tonks said, With a 'Sirius' smirk."yesh" Hermione answered, mumbling it rather quickly."What? " Tonks asked."Truth..." Ginny muttered, Knowing the question."Are you dating Harry? " Tonks asked."Dare" Hermione answered."I dare you to give me that book, and any book you hid in this room." Tonks said, with a smirk."Fine..." Hemrione said, mumbling something about Tonks knowing her way too well. Reaching under the love seat pulling about 6 more books out and handing them to tonks."Thank you!

Tonks was walking out the kitchen door, but instead of going towards the front door, she turned upstairs, as the rest of the rare few who were staying at Grimmauld Place did. " Tonks said, cheerfully."What was the meeting about? " Tonks to argue."You can't keep secrets, admit it and come up to me and Hermione's room so I can find out! She didn't even notice Tonks and Ginny silently laughing. Tonks took Hermione's hood and flipped it over her head."Merlin's Pants Tonks! " Tonks replied, now on the floor laughing at Hermione's reaction."Tonks is staying with us tonight! " Ginny said, shaking with laughter."Or we could stay in that room down the hall, it's huge and no one's using it! Since when is there a room down the hall that no one's using? "We could play truth or dare" Tonks said, with the smirk on her face."Ok! " Tonks said, smiling, and knowing the answer."Yes" Ginny said."I knew it! Ginny mumbled something under her breath."Truth or dare Tonks? " Tonks said walking out of the room with all 7 of the books in her hands.

Also, it is stated in the epilogue that Teddy Lupin was there to see…

Harry and Remus were not related, but Remus was Harry's Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher in his thrid year.

Harry's Dad, James Potter, was best friends during their time at Hogwarts, along with Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew.

instead noticing that was flicking dung bombs at the door." Tonks said eyeing Ginny."You taught me that! " Tonks said claiming the love seat."I'll sleep here! " Ginny told her friend."I don't pay attention to the time." Tonks said, "unless I'm in a meeting...

" Ginny said claiming the overstuffed chair."and I'll sleep here..." Hermione said claiming a carpeted piece of floor.

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