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The season featured a total of twelve cast members over the course of the season.

It is the seventh season to take place in a city that had hosted a previous season, as the show's third season was set in San Francisco in 1994.

She returns in episode 4 while her roommates are on vacation to retrieve her things.

He had been on and off with his ex-girlfriend, Lauren, since the seventh grade, before they went their separate ways.

Besides bringing the cast members' exes into the house, the season included new graphics and a new filming style that adds a new layer of realism by featuring the inclusion of the cameramen, conversations between the producers and the cast in and out of interviews and discussions about the fact that the cast are filming a show.

However, unlike last season, no cast member this season chose to take part in this particular work.

Ashley Ceaser has a full-time job at a San Francisco start-up that she continues during production, Arielle works on her ongoing projects as a filmmaker, and Jenny auditions for and gets hired to be a gogo dancer.

The production crew also provided the cast a smart phone so they could take their own pictures, and also had a social website available that they could post their pictures on.

As the season unfolds, some of that will have repercussions at home when people back home see photos.

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