Who is dating james badge dale

Miraculously uninjured, he confronts Candace, only to fall instantly in love with her.A year later, Stretch is inspired to give up his addictions to cocaine and gambling.A failed actor, he works in Los Angeles as a limo driver.Though he has quit gambling, he retains a 00 debt to Ignacio, who demands the debt be paid by midnight.Karos parachutes down naked to the arranged location and offers to pay Stretch's gambling debt if he serves without question.As Stretch drives Karos to exclusive nightclubs and hotspots of dubious legality, Karl berates him for putting himself at increasing risk, both personally and legally, for such a small sum of money. Karos gives Stretch 100 minutes to return to the sex club with an important briefcase and a supply of cocaine.As he leaves the nightclub, he sees Candace and nonchalantly insinuates that he is both successful and important now.

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Stretch procures the cocaine from a reality television star, who then steals the limo.

At the same time, he begs Charlie, a sympathetic employee, to direct any high-paying customers his way.

When The Jovi steals his first client, actor David Hasselhoff, Charlie sends Stretch to intercept one of The Jovi's clients, Ray Liotta.

At the same time, Stretch begins hallucinating the bitter ghost of another failed actor and limo driver named Karl, who committed suicide in front of a customer.

His boss, Naseem, calls him to his office and tells him that their chief competitor, a mysterious man known only as The Jovi, has been stealing their clients.

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