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I guess it all snowballed from a few early and fortuitous friendships with people like Lauren Santo Domingo?Yes, he just cozied up to the right people and was relentless and shameless in his starfuckery and fawning. I just saw the beginning of that Rachel Zoe show and she and Blasberg just said "totes norm" and she said "re-re".

The mystery is figuring out exactly what they see in him?!R73 R77 Jessica and Derek have been friends for about 3 years not just now. He is also friends with Chastain's BF the Italian Count who works for Moncler. Riccardo Tisci wants to be associated now with prestigious actresses like Blanchett, Julianne Moore and now Chastain maybe because his reputation was hurt because of his association with Kim Kardashian. R86 She's nowhere near as prestigious as Cate Blanchett, that's for sure.Fun fact: Ridley Scott wanted Cate to play her character in the Martian. Meanwhile Chastain's PR wants us to believe she's the first one studios call to offer best roles for women.Actually Derek's most powerful friends are Dasha Zhukova and Lauren Santa Domingo.Actually he seems to be friends with most models, designers, editors of fashion magazines and actresses who want to be a part of the fashion circle sans Kardashians, though it's only a matter of time when he posts a photo of North on his Instagram. Maybe Jessica wish to think that given her PR 'I love everyone and everything! She's now an ambassador of Piaget and recently hosted a party in her apartment, inviting dozen of fashion darlings with lots of Instagram followers. When the awards season is done, he will come back to them.

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