Who is madonna dating 2016

Before the start of career, Madonna did various jobs to engage herself along with the dancing.Soon after, she joined a local band and initiated her career.Singer Madonna has reportedly moved on from model Aboubakar “Brooklin” Soumahoro with another hottie!

But Madonna took a liking to him because, aside from being super sexy, he could make her laugh!The Madonna dating story also tells a lot about her taste in variety.This is not only with the number of men she has dated thus far but also with how they are almost all from different worlds.Born on August 16, 1958, the musician, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman has almost touched the two ends of the world as far as dating is concerned; having been married twice, she has gone out with close to 50 men – or that is how it is rumored.The Madonna dating timeline stretches back to 1972 when she got into a relationship with Wyn Cooper.

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