Who is matt kemp dating

His fans felt he wouldn’t focus on his game if he dated Khloe.(Not that it’s anyone’s business telling Kemp who he should date.)But the backlash against Khloe was unwarranted.

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As Matt Kemp aims for the 2018 MLB World Series title, there’s no news on if he’s dating anyone at the moment. His relationships didn’t always sit well with baseball fans.There were allegations of domestic violence in their relationship, which came to light while Kemp was with Rihanna.But Kemp said that the restraining order was filed on false pretenses.Alvarez and Jordan were quite private about their relationship, but there were periods of time when they weren’t seen together—fueling speculation of a breakup.Jordan has a son with another woman named Ashley Rose White, and it’s alleged that they hooked up while he was still with Alvarez.

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