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One of the communities chosen was largely rural and structurally traditional in organization, and the other is a far more rapidly transforming informal peri-urban shanty settlement which has mushroomed as people have moved to the town centre in search of employment or get involved in business activities.

The rural communities selected were in Monga, Kaseba, and Mulonga areas while the peri-urban area was Senema.

This is relatively high when compared to other rural provinces like Northern (8%) and North-Western (9%).

In Mansa District, two contrasting kinds of communities were chosen for the study.

Women’s risk is known to be compounded by a plurality of socio-economic and cultural practices both modern and customary.

The severity of the AIDS epidemic in Zambia has therefore led to a search in the country for factors, including cultural practices that might facilitate the transmission of HIV.The District has been identified as a key geographical priority area by the National AIDS Council (National AIDS Council, 2000).According to the National AIDS Council (2004), Luapula Province has an HIV prevalence rate of 11%.There are eight Chiefs in the district namely Kalasa Lukangaba, Chimese, Mabumba, Chisunka, Kalaba Mibenge, Matanda and Kasoma.There are also some Sub-Chiefs, namely, Kale Nsonga, Kundamfumu, Chamawabuseba, Chansa and Kapwepwe.

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