Wsus 3 0 clients not updating

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Visit Stack Exchange Doing some testing on our test environment with the 1809 update.

SUS ran on a Windows Server operating system and downloaded updates for the specified versions of Windows from the remote Windows Update site which is operated by Microsoft.

Clients could then download updates from this internal server, rather than connecting directly to Windows Update.

I've ran the powershell command Get-Windowsupdatelog to generate the traditional Windowsupdate.log, but the log is all garbage and contains few readable lines.

WSUS server is running on Server 2008 R2 and clients are Windows .

It will not even reregister with WSUS since we are set with Client-Side Targetting. 2018/12/07 .1260950 5316 76 Shared Update Network State Ipv4, c Network Interfaces = 1.

System will not check WSUS for updates and says it cannot connect. Trying to find out what the error is with the Initialize Sus 2018/12/07 .6145871 5316 76 Idle Timer Non-Ao Ac machine. 2018/12/07 .6146719 5316 76 Agent WU client version 10.0.17763.107 2018/12/07 .6149469 5316 76 Agent Sleep Study Tracker: Machine is non-AOAC. 2018/12/07 .6150268 5316 76 Agent Base directory: C:\WINDOWS\Software Distribution 2018/12/07 .6179939 5316 76 Agent Datastore directory: C:\WINDOWS\Software Distribution\Data Store\Data 2018/12/07 .6190270 5316 76 Data Store Jet Enable Multi Instance succeeded - applicable param count: 5, applied param count: 5 2018/12/07 .1001631 5316 76 Data Store Service 3DA21691-E39D-4DA6-8A4B-B43877BCB1B7 added 2018/12/07 .1188537 5316 76 Data Store Service 9482F4B4-E343-43B6-B170-9A65BC822C77 added 2018/12/07 .1202710 5316 76 Data Store Data store successfully created 2018/12/07 .1254989 5316 76 Shared Update Network State Ipv6, c Network Interfaces = 0.WSUS may be used to update computers on a disconnected network.This requires exporting patch data from a WSUS server connected to the internet and, using removable media, importing to a WSUS server set up on the disconnected network.This system is not Internet and only gets updates from WSUS.I have tried to stop the services and rename the Software Distribution folder but that didn't help either.

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