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WSUS servers use the Sus Client Id to identify unique devices and then associate the computer’s hostname to the unique identifier for easy recognizable display purposes.Because more than 1 system has the exact same Sus Client Id, the WSUS server replaces the computer object’s hostname with the latest hostname that communicated with the server.It is best to remove the affected devices from the WSUS MMC first. We’ve seen the client-side script above run and the issue still exist, however every single time when you delete the computer object from the WSUS MMC console first, and then run the commands on EACH affected system, it always works, so we now solely recommend removing the affected computers first, and then running the client-side script. Clients request updates and cause the WSUS server to communicate back and forth and compare the updates that are already installed on the client system with what updates are available within WSUS.The available updates include all of the updates excluding declined updates that the server knows about.

The product is present into the catalog but, unless you have SCCM, there’s no way to provide updates for it.

WSUS enables administrators to manage the distribution of updates and hotfixes released for Microsoft products to computers in a corporate environment.

To enable WSUS, it is necessary to select the related role in Server Manager, as shown in figure 1.

Obviously, this has a cost, unless you already own an SQL Server license.

In the last tab of this wizard you have to select the path where WSUS will store the updates: the filesystem in this path must be NTFS and the size should be at least 150GB.

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