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If you aren't a Millennial yourself, chances are you work with one. there are other colleges here at the University for those who want to make people 'feel good.'".The American workforce currently includes 55 million employees under the age of 35. It turns out that when you're a celebrity with a hefty following, there's almost certainly a company selling razor blades or detox tea that's willing to write big checks in exchange for a mention.

In light of the results the company has been encouraging its clients to advertise on mobile in order to reach a large audience and at a lower cost, in …History is filled with examples of very profitable companies doing very good things in the world. Skip the yard sale and get a table at your local flea market.You'll probably have to pay a table fee and may have to buy a license, but you'll also put your wares directly in the path of interested buyers without having to go through the typical …Being middle-class often seems as American as apple pie or baseball.Even though the middle class has technically shrunk since the financial crisis, Americans are still more likely to identify as middle class than any other stratum, whether they make …

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