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App Icon allows you to have app icon storage in the cloud.You can login and select icon from storage and convert to i OS, Android platform anytime.Try using another browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. 6, 2016 - Updated i OS strategy to use Xcode 8.1 naming conventions, outputting "App Icon.appiconset" folder with "Contents.json" for esy "drop-in" replacement in your Xcode project. 1, 2016 - Corrected some icon naming inconsistencies for i OS. 14, 2016 - Updated i OS and Android icon naming conventions. 1, 2016 - Added ability to manually enter HEX value in the color picker. - Added Web App option for generating HTML icons for the head in 's and Progressive Web App manifest. 23, 2016 - Attempted bug fix for some browsers not being able to save icons. 11, 2016 - i OS: i Tunes Artwork files converted to RGB (no alpha) for issues on i Tunes Connect where RGBA (with alpha) files are rejected. The following information was derived from: following information was derived from: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/controls-and-patterns/tiles-and-notifications-app-assets Splash Screen sizes derived from: https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windows/apps/br211467 Based on the description provided here, the system selects appropriate images based on the following scheme: can be anything you want.

The "-precomposed" portion of the filename prevents Apple from automatically adding gloss, rounded corners and drop shadows.Note: Push Notification Certificates expire after 12 months.You will receive an email from Apple when that occurs; please let your Double Dutch representative know when your certificate expires.The image is uploaded and the icons are generated automatically.Activate the instant download option to directly download all icons.

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