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Try not to get mired in the difficulties of being trans/nonbinary. The hard stuff is hard, but try to enjoy and appreciate this process of learning about yourself.

—Lynn, 59, they/them, nonbinary trans man At what age did you realize you may be trans or nonbinary? My earliest memories of wishing to wake up with the correct body date back to when I was maybe 5 or 6.

Your anxiety over young kids claiming a truth of who they are is about you, not them, not medicine, not some grave threat. At what age did you realize you may be trans or nonbinary? I was pastoring a young person who was trying to find their identity and didn’t feel they were trans. What would you say to those who say coming out as trans or nonbinary is only a fad or trend?I entered the closet, abused substances, and had one failed relationship after another. I am married, no longer abuse drugs and alcohol, and am out at work — and happy. I identified as a lesbian, since about age 20, and yes, that’s about “who you want to have sex with, not who you want to have sex as,” but for me, the two were not so different.Lesbian community and culture *was* the place where gender nonconformity was more the rule than the exception.I slowly became aware of nonbinary identities and now realize I am nonbinary (specifically agender).I think I was 48 when I put a name to it for the first time.

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