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A test that is (UNINTELLIGIBLE) aviation (UNINTELLIGIBLE). Incidentally, it takes 26,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure to operate these controls. So everybody who approached him had to take extraordinary efforts to wash their hands, to (UNINTELLIGIBLE). James, why do you think Howard Hughes went from being kind of seen around to becoming a recluse? So he asked me to tip him, and I gave them each , which in 1953 was like today. In other words, why did he -- I mean, here's a guy was a -- he was a genius, right? (CROSS TALK) HACK: Well, he had a lot of good idea. HACK: He didn't know how to make them happen, other than hiring... We were -- we were together constantly for eight years. And I have said that several times, that if it's a failure, I'll probably leave this country and never come back. NARRATOR: There are 100 instruments to check on this panel alone, before the test begins. He lied and exaggerated, and he was a maneuver of people. Nowadays, of course, we think about what we're breathing. He was concerned about the only way a germ could get there was to walk into the room in the form of someone else. And Dave Chasen prepared a table for us in the kitchen, and I was out there with all the chefs and the pots and pans, and when it came time to tip the waiter, Howard didn't have a nickel on him. KING: Why, Richard -- or why did he leave the world? He was around Hollywood making movies, flying airplanes, running companies? What he was like to work for, things he did and other incredible facts about an incredible man. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, no, you better not get up until tomorrow. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But you're not strong enough yet. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Billy, you mustn't, you'll hurt yourself. They subpoenaed documents, they took depositions, and they finally decided how to split the estate up. HACK: Well -- well, the way I understand it, and the way it was explained to me, was the fact that, first of all, he was a very private person. HACK: But, the deal is this -- that if you were a man that's essentially in a bubble, if you were laying there with six aides coming in and out, that's all your contact, you are not concerned about your germs yourself. I was with him once for 16 hours straight at Paul Hessey's (ph) studio and I got hungry. It had a stick shift, no radio, linoleum on the floor instead of carpet. HACK: Well, for one thing, from what I understand from reading all the research material, he was extremely sociopathic. Even the aides that were his only source at the end of human contact, he didn't allow them to speak to him. HACK: Well, I think one of the reasons was that he simply didn't want to be bothered. He wanted -- he was occupying himself with business right to the very end. I mean, he was probably more active then he ever was in his whole life. MOORE: I felt that Howard was the greatest lover I ever knew. I want to marry you." And Gina says, "Howard, I'm already married." And that was the end of that. We'll take a break and come back, as we delve into the world of Howard Hughes with the publication of this extraordinary book. HACK: Well, you know, I lucked into it, basically, because the 15 years after his death they probated his estate absolutely to the n'th degree resident. " And I said, "Medium rare." So we got into his 1950 Chevy, which was the cheapest model they made. KING: What took this tremendously impressive looking incredible man, movie maker, political influencer... Hughes would come and say, you know, "I don't even know what to say to you. He had broken his jaw; he broke many bones in his body. (END VIDEO CLIP) (COMMERCIAL) (BEGIN VIDEOCLIP) NARRATOR: The world's largest plane and storm (ph) center of a congressional inquiry awaits tests at its dock in Long Beach, California.

LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, Howard Hughes, America's first billionaire is ultimate eccentric. Plus, the man known as Howard Hughes' alter ego, who worked for him nearly 16 years and never met him face to face, the Former Chief Hughes' Nevada Operations, Robert Maheu. But let's really get into some incredible things he did, like in the airplane (UNINTELLIGIBLE). HACK: Yeah, they say, "You drill in the (UNINTELLIGIBLE)... And, you know, at that moment, he was living with Katharine Hepburn. MAHEU: He refused to let me see him because he wanted me to remember him as I thought I might, and did not want me to see how he had neglected himself -- or he told me so. He was standing by the door when we came out and he's been watching us." KING: When you finally... KING: When you finally did get to him -- I mean, he... KING: What he did with your career was unbelievable, right? KING: What was the -- when you first met him, what did he say? " And he said, "Howard Hughes." And he was -- he said, "Did you see him? I saw him at the end of the hall, Jack poked me and he says, "I think that's him." And I said, "Who?

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